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It’s not often that I am alone these days.  This weekend, by the grace of God, I am.

I woke up to the sound of silence.  Not only was my whole family away but there was a blanket of snow covering everything.  It has been snowing for about the last 24 hours and there aren’t even plow trucks on our street yet.  If I think about it too much, I could lead myself to believe that I am the last human left on the earth.


So what do you do when you are left home alone?  Kevin McAllister had to provide for himself and protect his home from robbers.  Seeing as even the robbers seem to have taken the weekend off on account of the snow, I am left to my own devices.  I started off by attending my quilting club at the library and afterward picking up a stack of movies that no one else in my family would enjoy, but I would like to see.  Then I stopped at Get Go and got myself a snack.  I then went home to ENJOY myself.


What I actually did was:

  • Try to close a drawer left open, and decluttered the bag drawer.
  • Put away a domino, and decluttered the board game shelf.
  • Hang up an apron, and decluttered the aprons.

It really didn’t take me very long to do any of these!  I keep wondering why I hadn’t done them before.

Gaining momentum, I:

  • Cleaned the living room and dining room, moving all of the furniture to look for stray toys. (I found legos, cat toys, and underwear!)
  • Washed the dishes.
  • Switched the wash.

And although I didn’t hit anyone with a paint can, I am feeling successful, and tired!


I also, like Kevin, want my family back.

Today find just one quick decluttering project and do it the AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way.  It might just make you want to do more!



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