AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Cats are @$$h0!e$ and what we can learn from them!

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Anyone who has ever met a cat knows they don’t do ANYTHING they don’t want to do.  My cat (Stitch) and kitten (Brutus) had an appointment with the vet this week.  The kitten was easily caught and boxed and brought to the car.  Stitch however, was not going to the vet because he didn’t want to go.  We called him, we bribed him with tuna fish, we pretended to leave.  He didn’t take the bait.  We sent our son after him into a crawl space that runs under the house, he emerged filthy dirty (my son – NOT the cat).  Eventually, we called the vet to reschedule.  Stitch got exactly what he wanted, took a nice nap in his hidey hole, and spent the day with an air of superiority.

Yesterday, my family went Christmas caroling with a big group from our church.  I love any opportunity to spread joy and volunteer as a family.  I stayed home.  I have been fighting a cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, thing for a few weeks and I haven’t refused to do anything that won’t get someone else sick.  I don’t think I could possibly be contagious this far into this illness, so that isn’t why I didn’t go.  I just DIDN’T WANT TO GO.  My head has been spinning trying to manage our usual December schedule (on top of Christmas, two of my kiddos have Birthdays during the week before Christmas) and I thought I could use the time wisely to prepare.

What I really did was TAKE A NAP!  I didn’t intend to nap, I just thought I would lay down for a few minutes…  and then I slept.  I slept the sleep of people without children.  I didn’t even know I was sleeping until I woke up (notice I didn’t say until someone woke me up).  I just slept.  AND it was wonderful – not the half sleep I usually get where I listen to people making noises, and hear creaking in our old house and wonder who is trying to steal a midnight snack, or play with something, or shove something down the toilet.

The nap was powerful, I was nice when my family came back home.  I spent a little time making a paper chain with L.L. to help him see how many days till Babymans birthday, his birthday and Jesus’ birthday.  I guess being a cat and not a kitten, I really did use the time wisely.

It’s AMAZINGLLY SIMPLE to say “no” to overscheduling!




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  1. I really enjoyed this post. This is so true! We all need to be a cat this holiday..and always! Glad you finally got a much deserved nap and sure hope you start feeling better. Love, Aunt Barb

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