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I have loved the Patagonia companies quality, made in the USA,  items since my Girl Scout days (both as a girl and as an adult when I worked in their program department and later in outdoor programming).  I appreciate that they have for almost 40 years made it part of their model to donate a portion of their income to environmental groups.  They even have a part of their website where you can shop for USED Patagonia items (I sometimes find used Patagonia clothing for Fifi when she goes backpacking.)

PATAGONIA announced recently that they will donate $10 MILLION that they saved due to President Trump’s tax cuts.  This donation is in addition to the “1% for the Planet” (they either donate 1% of sales or 10% of profits each year) that they have already been donating.  The company is choosing environmental impact groups that work to protect the air, water, and land.  I’m not going to delve into the politics of this tax cut, but I am going to pose a question to you.

What do you do with “extra money”?  You know the money that for whatever reason, surprisingly becomes yours.  This time of year it seems to happen more often than at any other time.  You put on a winter coat and find a little cash in the pocket, a friend or family member gives you a gift of money, or you get a bonus from work.

Your decision is probably affected by your current financial status.  I agree with Dave Ramsey, most of the time, on where you should put your money if you are in any sort of debt (I only disagree with paying a lower interest rate before a higher one – probably has something to do with having a parent that’s an accountant!).  And if you are in debt, these cash windfalls should definitely be spent to get yourself our of it!  But, what about if you have followed the “baby steps” and are ready to “give like no one else”?  Whether it is $10 you found in your coat or $10M you are saving in taxes this year, the decision is still yours in what you will do with it.

This is when you get a major chance to vote with your money.  You can support anything you believe in by sending them your money.  AND, just like a purchase, I urge you to spend some time deciding what is important to you and your family.  If you think the government has made a mistake in their allocation of funds you can literally change  that in a small, or in the case of Patagonia a big way.

Way to go, Patagonia!

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to vote with your money!




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