AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – No toys – Day 8

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Day 8 of our “no toys” experiment.  Life as usual here – I mean there really isn’t anything earth-shattering to share about our no toy experiment.  The kids have played and shared and not-shared and got along and argued just the same as usual.

Here’s what I am taking away from this.  We DON’T NEED all the toys we have.  (And believe me, we didn’t have many to begin with!)  I feel a little guilty – not for taking the kids toys away – but for giving them too many toys to begin with.  Out of sight really is out of mind – Here are the only requests my husband and I got all week (I checked with my DH to be sure!) – LEGOs, a felt stuffed kitty, a doggie with vet tools, and board games. They have engineered their own fun this past week.  I will be giving them (I’m not in a rush) back some of their more special toys (I will update you on the resurrection of kitty) and I will be getting rid of some toys (look out Stacy).

One of the toys I didn’t remove for this experiment was a set of colored silks.  This “toy” is just a beautiful piece of naturally colored silk fabric.  My kiddos use these for everything – L.L. is currently using one for a roof on his block building and Babyman has one being used for a bed and blanket for his Schleich animals.  These silks take up no space at all and can become costumes and parachutes with just a little bit of imagination. (Bonus points if you remembered that Babyman has a big rainbow one coming in his Easter basket this year.)

On the thought of imagination, I like how Waldorf encourages imagination in children. In addition to silks or other fabric pieces, those using Waldorf principles provide their kiddos with things like woods, nuts, shells, seeds, stones, crystals, leaves and ribbons.  (I always think these are the things that kiddos naturally pick up and collect anyway if they are allowed enough time outdoors.)  Waldorf also supplies kiddos with beautiful, classic and natural toys like dolls and kitchen sets and little baskets to keep all their special things in.

Just a few more AMAZINGLY SIMPLE thoughts for today.
Keep using this time to get caught-up on the emails.  I’m working on some great challenges to share with you this week!


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