AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – More kiss – less makeup

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A research study revealed that on average, if women used 40% less makeup, both men and other women would find them more attractive.
“Why do so many women wear so much makeup?” 2014

I challenge you to go through your make-up and DE-CLUTTER!

It’s been a while since I sent you a challenge (hopefully you spent this time catching up or continuing your de-cluttering journey), so here is your step by step:

1. Collect all of your make-up in one location (kitchen counter would work nicely). – No – I said all of it – go get the stuff that is in your purse, car, coat pocket, other purse, that little bag near your bathroom sink – nail polish too – and chapsticks – all of it.

2. Look at your pile and think of all the wasted time and wasted money and wasted space – now get over it and forgive yourself!

3. Sort it by type – all of your lipsticks in one pile, mascaras in another, etc.

It is brand new (never used)
It is old (the shelf stability on this stuff is months – NOT YEARS)
It is a weird color (oh you really should never wear that…)
If you are saving it because you might someday become that color (you might get a tan, or that disease Michael Jackson had, but really you can buy new makeup if that happens because this stuff will be too old or still not the right color IF that happens!)
It is dried out or clumpy or runny (go ahead open it and prove it isn’t)
It is from a really crappy brand (Wet and Wild anyone?)
You don’t actually use this type of makeup – I know I want to wear nail polish, but I never keep it up and it always looks crummy and chipped on me, so I got rid of all of it.  I bought a nail buffer (that I LOVE!) and never looked back.  No one says you HAVE to have ANY makeup – LOTS of people spend their entire lives without any and are perfectly happy!  For those of you that know me – how may times have you EVER seen me in makeup?  Not many, so when I do wear even a little bit of makeup, people are REALLY impressed.
You have been sick and still used any of this (you can make yourself sick again!)
It makes you itch, or break out, or do anything even remotely unpleasant!

5. Now look at each pile and choose the BEST in each pile – best lipstick, best nail polish, etc.
and get rid of the rest of them – no really – you don’t need duplicates of any of these – JUST KEEP THE BEST! – That way you will always look your best – (Provided you put on only 40% less than you usually do!)

6. If you ended up throwing all of a certain item away and you really do LIKE to wear that item – spend time researching what color will work best for you, which brand doesn’t use icky chemicals, or slave labor, or abuse little bunnies, or lots of wasteful packaging, or whatever else is important to you.  (Come on be a grown-up and use your purchasing power to affect change!)  Read reviews of the selected brand.  Look for the best price on your selected brand and type.  WAIT on it.  Try to go without it for a certain period of time and see if you really miss it.  Sleep on the decision for a while.  And then if you do decide to make a purchase – make a MINDFUL purchase.  A mindful purchase is not one where you pick it because it is half-off at the drugstore, or you get some free @#$% with it at the mall, or you need to spend a few more bucks for free shipping online so you throw it in your cart.

That’s it – your AMAZINGLY SIMPLE ticket to a beautifully made-up face.
What did you find?
How many items are you getting rid of? – If you are keeping track, make sure to add this to your tally!


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