AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Everything BUT the Kitchen Sink

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When you are done reading this, go stand at your kitchen sink.  If there are dishes in there, wash them.  Now look at your sink and the immediate area around it.  Try to remove six items from this immediate area.  Sponges should be the first to go, because, EWWW!  Then look at your dish rags, assorted scrubby things, and bottle brush (do you have a baby bottle brush and NO baby?).   What about the little containers to keep these things?  How many of these things do you actually use everyday?


If you need to, and you probably do,  check your secondary sink hiding place.  Some people have a small pull out, most people have a cabinet below or sometimes above the sink, where we house extra sink stuff and cleaners.  Do you have something you don’t use (like rubber gloves) or is unusable (like a can of comet, baking soda, or bar keepers friend that at one point got soaking wet and is now a brick – trust me the Smithsonian doesn’t want it either)?  Whatever you haven’t used recently, get rid of.  This is valuable real-estate in you kitchen!  It should be pretty easy to get rid of six things.



Take a mental note of what you have been stocking up on, so you stop doing that!  Everyone has something, that they don’t check on before they go to the store, and just buy in case they are running low.  This is how you end up with tons of magic erasers when you don’t have kids or ten bottles of dish soap when you use a dishwasher.  Organize what you have left with like things together.  This will hopefully remind you the next time you are at the store NOT to purchase more of something you don’t need!


Now clean it!  I’m serious, clean your sink.  FLY Lady’s 1st baby step is to SHINE! your sink.  I am not quite as devoted as she is to a shined sink, or the toxic chemical use, but I do see the merits of taking care of one of the hardest working parts of our home.  Here’s her site that will not only help you shine your sink and deep clean the rest of your house, but also declutter as well (and we all know how I feel about that!).

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to clean up your kitchen sink!




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